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Laguna Clube de Golfe

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The Course

The Laguna Golf Course has earned a reputation as being a somewhat unique offering within the Vilamoura golf portfolio. While its many water hazards and few trees set it apart, it truly finds its individuality in the number of holes which convey characteristics of a traditional links layout. American golf course architect Joseph Lee was given the responsibility for setting out the Laguna Course over low-lying coastal terrain, and in this setting was able to establish 18 holes which offer a wide variety of playing conditions.

The course has been continually improved since the first ball was struck in 1990, although it retains all of the appeal of a modern test of golf, through which the strategic positioning of bunkers and a number of water obstacles demand accuracy of play. The Laguna Course shares a well-proportioned and welcoming clubhouse with the neighbouring Millennium Course. 


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The Facilities

  • Clubhouse

  • Golf Shop

  • Driving Range

  • Putting Green

  • Bar/Restaurant

  • Buggy Bar

  • Valet Service


  1. Every player must have his or her own bag of clubs.
  2. Club bags and trolleys are not allowed on the greens.
  3. Buggies are not allowed on the tees, greens and avant-greens.
  4. Only two players and two club bags are allowed per buggy.
  5. Dogs are not allowed in the Clubhouse nor in the perimeter of the golf course.
  6. The use of softspikes is compulsory at all courses.
  7. Children under 12 are only allowed on the golf courses when specifically authorized by an accompaning adult with eligibility to sign the «Term of Responsability».
  8. Practice is only allowed within the practice areas.
  9. Putting areas cannot be used for pitching.
  10. Maximum Handicaps allowed (EGA):
    • Laguna, Millennium & Pinhal – Men 28 / Ladies 34
    • Old Course & Victoria – Men 24 / Ladies 28
  11. All starting times consist of four ball


  1. Bathing attire, jeans, T-shirts, sleeveless tops and training shoes are not allowed in the Clubhouse, practice areas or any within the perimeter of the golf courses. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  2. Dress code must include trousers or tailored shorts, polo shirts and golf shoes and socks.
  3. Any group with a free hole ahead should give way to the next group.
  4. The players looking for a lost ball should give way to the next group if the ball is not found promptly.
  5. During busy periods, players should mark the ball on par 3 greens so that the next group can tee off.
  6. Once finished the hole, players should leave the green immediately.
  7. In the interest of all, the game should go on without delay. So please:
    • Prepare your ball, tee and tee club in advance.
    • Do not leave your trolley too far from the green or in the wrong direction for the following tee.
    • Do not mark your scorecard on the green.
    • Do not make more strokes than necessary to score when playing Stableford.
  8. Before leaving a bunker please make sure you leave it as smooth as you found it.
  9. Please repair the divots on the fairways.
  10. Please repair the pitch and spike marks on the greens.
  11. Greens and fairways should not be damaged by practice swings.
  12. Please follow the instructions for buggies usage.


Do not leave money, valuables or golf equipment in the locker rooms or in the car.

Note: The golf course management does not accept any responsibility for loss of and/or damage to valuables, personal effects or golf equipment.


Laguna Clube de Golfe is just 20 minutes drive from Faro Airport along the A22 motorway.

View the course on map.

Driving instructions:

Faro airport to A22 motorway

Exit Faro on the main road alongside the airport roundabout and follow the signs for Faro and A22. Continue along this road for approx 2.5 km and take the second exit on the right signposted A22 Lisboa & Portimão to join a dual carriageway. After approx 4 km move to the left hand lane and take the left fork on the dual carriageway following the sign A22/Lisboa/ Portimão/ Albufeira. After a further 3 km take the right hand exit off the dual carriageway following the sign for A22 Lisboa/Portimão/Albufeira.

A22 motorway to Laguna Clube de Golfe

Leave the A22 at the Boliqueime /Vilamoura exit, then follow directions to Vilamoura. On entering Vilamoura, follow the signs to the Laguna Clube de Golfe.


Laguna Clube de Golfe
Caminho da Fonte do Ulme,
8125-406, Vilamoura

+351 289 310 180

Gps Coordinates

Latitude: 37.101087 | Longitude: -8.135443

Hole By Hole

Laguna Clube de Golfe - First Hole
First Hole
Stroke Index 16 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This opening PAR 5 at 470 metres off the white tee may require a drive with draw to avoid a single fairway bunker to the right. A lay-up second shot may be advisable as five bunkers starting 85 metres from the green can trap off-line shots. More sand awaits errant approaches at each corner of the large, split level green.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Second Hole
Second Hole
Stroke Index 12 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

A short slightly downhill PAR 3 follows, but take enough club to carry over the huge bunker guarding the left front of the putting surface. Two further greenside bunkers are located to the right and back.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Third Hole
Third Hole
Stroke Index 4 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

Now we come to a sequence of three complicated holes due mainly to water hazards. This medium PAR 4 accompanies a lake on the right starting about 160 metres short of the green and the fairway slopes down towards the water. A bunker left can hamper those favouring that side from the tee. The fairway funnels towards the slightly elevated green flanked by a bunker and the lake. 

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Fourth Hole
Fourth Hole
Stroke Index 6 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

At 196 metres off the white tee (but only 150 from the yellow) this PAR 3 is a test of nerves as another lake looms closely on the right. The narrow entrance at the left of the upward sloping green is guarded by two bunkers so a high trajectory tee-shot is normally needed.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Fifth Hole
Fifth Hole
Stroke Index 8 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This is an unusual 315 metres dogleg right PAR 4 and a memorable hole where both the tee-shot and approach demand almost pinpoint accuracy. A long iron or short fairway wood shot over the lake is recommended in order to land short of three fairway bunkers. This leaves an approach over the edge of the same lake that encroaches into the fairway. There are twin bunkers left and back of the green that rises up to the back.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Sixth Hole
Sixth Hole
Stroke Index 18 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

Another short PAR 4, and potential birdie hole provided the tee-shot stays clear of two bunkers to the left and the short wedge to the green is on target. Two sand traps guard the rear of the narrow green.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Seventh Hole
Seventh Hole
Stroke Index 10 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

A fairway wood played right of centre should steer away from the cross bunkers on this 321metres hole. This will set up the required approach with a lofted club to clear the bunker defending the front of the raised green which narrows as it rises toward the back where bunkers lie ominously on either side. 

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Eighth Hole
Eighth Hole
Stroke Index 14 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

Gradual dogleg left PAR 5 where the drive must negotiate three bunkers at the top of a gentle slope. The fairway then turns downwards, exposing the job in hand: staying out of three more bunkers from about 50-90 metres short of the elevated saucer-shaped green which is almost encircled by four more traps.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Ninth Hole
Ninth Hole
Stroke Index 2 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

With out-of-bounds and a bunker left together with water to the right, a well positioned drive on this PAR 4 is a must. An ancient scoop-wheel well has been retained as a mid-fairway hazard 68 metres short of the green but the lake extends threateningly up to a few metres from the right hand front of the putting surface. A limited bale-out area exists to the left but take care again to stay in bounds.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Tenth Hole
Tenth Hole
Stroke Index 17 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

The hole stretches away from the high tees to the plain below, and appears to encourage two long draws to attack the green which is bunkered all along the left approach. The wind helps the draw on the tee shot to set up the best angle into the green. But drawing of the approach shot must not be overdone for the green, 45 metres long, is narrow and slopes down to the left. When any cross breeze is blowing a controlled fade is a better option to hold the second shot up on the green.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Eleventh Hole
Eleventh Hole
Stroke Index 7 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

This 372 metres PAR 4 has a large fairway bunker on the right, shared with the 16th hole, that includes two grassy islands, and another small bunker left to restrict the landing area. Although reachable in two, the second shot requires plenty carry to clear a centrally placed bunker close to the green. There is more sand at each side of the back of the green.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Twelfth Hole
Twelfth Hole
Stroke Index 5 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

The stroke index of 5 is indicative of the difficulty of this PAR-3, 181 metres from the back tee. Most of the distance to the upward sloping green is over a lake, and a pair of bunkers left and right await wayward shots. 

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Thirteenth Hole
Thirteenth Hole
Stroke Index 1 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

Rated stroke index 1, this is the longest PAR 4 at 405 metres. An out-of-bounds fence and single bunker on the left are the only hazards from the tee but the long second to the raised green really needs to be drawn round a large bunker fronting the green as the carry for average players is well-nigh impossible without a good following wind. The lake on the right near the green rarely comes into play.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Fourteenth Hole
Fourteenth Hole
Stroke Index 3 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

A conservative tee-shot is normally the key on this short PAR 4 which bends round to the right alongside a lake. There are however a couple of bunkers to dodge on the left, within short iron distance of the green. Once you are in a suitable position, the approach only needs to clear the edge of the lake and of course keep out of the three greenside bunkers.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Fifteenth Hole
Fifteenth Hole
Stroke Index 13 / PAR 5
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

To score well on this unconventional PAR 5 the drive must be long enough and away from two right hand side bunkers to enable you to clear the water on the second shot. The lake starts on the left but later narrows and crosses to the right under a bridge about 170 metres from the green and then accompanies the right hand side very close to the putting surface. The second should be placed left for the ideal approach shot. 

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Sixteenth Hole
Sixteenth Hole
Stroke Index 15 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

Although there are bunkers to attract errant tee-shots right and left on this 354 metres PAR 4, they are off the wide fairway. The best angle in is from the right as this opens up the long green guarded by two bunkers left and right.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Seventeenth Hole
Seventeenth Hole
Stroke Index 11 / PAR 3
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

A somewhat daunting PAR 3 with the severely sloping green nestled between a lake on the left and a bunker opposite. Although only 153 metres off the white tee, many golfers play short and right, hoping for a good chip and putt to score PAR.

Laguna Clube de Golfe - Eighteenth Hole
Eighteenth Hole
Stroke Index 9 / PAR 4
Tee Metres

Pro Tip

A straightforward PAR 4 finishing hole although a few trees on the right can obstruct an off-line tee-shot. Without too much of a head wind you can risk going for the green in two although four bunkers around it leave only a small entrance at the right hand side.