Golf Rules and Etiquette

  1. Dom Pedro Golf S.A. enforces a strict dress code and etiquette  -   sports shorts, beach ware, blue denim trousers or cargo shorts and t-shirts are not allowed on the premises  (if you are not properly dressed you will not be allowed on the course).
  2. Dress code must include trousers or tailored shorts, polo shirts, golf shoes and socks.
  3. The use of shoes with soft spikes is compulsory.
  4. When a player is preparing to strike the ball, his/her partner(s) should remain in silence.
  5. A player should not play until the players in front are out of range.
  6. Players must leave the green as soon as they finish playing the hole.
  7. Players searching for a lost ball should give way to the next group, if the ball is not found promptly.
  8. All players must play without unjustifiable delay and, whenever they have a free hole ahead, they must allow the group behind to play through.
  9. During busy periods, the players should mark the ball on Par 3 greens and move aside, so that the next group can tee off.
  10. In the interest of all, the game should go on without delay. All players should:
  1. Have prepared the ball, tee and tee club in advance;
  2. Not leave trolleys too far from the green or in the wrong direction for the following tee;
  3. Not mark the scorecard on the green;
  4. Not make more strokes than necessary when playing Stableford. 
  1.  Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by them and any nearby made by others, repair pitch marks on greens and divot holes on the fairways.
  2. Club tests must not be carried out on greens, tees and fairways.
  3. Priorities on the golf course:
  1. Players must be at the starting tee, at least 5 minutes before teeing off.  
  2. Any player that has not booked in advance is subject to starting time availability.
  3. Dom Pedro Golf S.A. golf courses starting times consist of 4 balls.  Players will always be paired to form groups of 4 balls.  In case player (s) refuse (s) to be paired in order to complete the formation, or vice-versa, access to play the course will be denied and refunds will not be issued.  Dom Pedro Golf SA can only guarantee closed groups - when the number is not multiple of 4 -  providing request is made in advance and subject to payment of the greens fees that are needed in order to complete the 4 ball formation.
  4. Players must always follow the starter and marshall’s indications;
  5.  Pace of play – a game of 18 holes must not exceed 04h40m of duration;
  6. In the event of golf course closure due to adverse weather conditions, green fees are not refundable.  Dom Pedro Golf S.A. will, however, will award players that have seen their game interrupted/suspended as a result, a personal and non-transferable rain voucher, valid for 1 year. In order to be awarded, "rain vouchers" players are requested to address reception desk  immediately after the game has been interrupted/suspended.