Experience our Algarve golf courses with the largest golf collection in Algarve

Experience the finest Golf in Algarve with Dom Pedro Golf´s five championship golf courses

Dom Pedro Golf is a major player in Portugal´s distinguished golf tourism market, owning and operating one of Europe´s best golf course.

Dom Pedro Golf offers five championship courses in the Algarve, Vilamoura´s renowned five – Victoria Golf Course (host venue of the World Cup in 2005 and the Portugal Masters since 2007), The Old Course Golf Club, Millennium Golf Course, Pinhal Golf Course and Laguna Golf Course. 

Out of all Portugal golf courses, Dom Pedro's Golf collection has established itself as an mandatory stop for golf players in the Algarve.

Our Golf Courses

Victoria Golf Course (24).jpg

Get to play at one of the best courses in Vilamoura

The Old Course Golf Club (11).jpg

Discover the Vilamoura Old Course Golf Club

MIllennium Golf Course  (24).jpg

Luxury Golf Holidays with the Millenium Course

Pinhal Golf Course (1).jpg

Pinhal Golf Course: the Portugal Golf Experience

Laguna Golf Course (8).jpg

Family Golf in Vilamoura with the Laguna Golf Course