The Rules and Regulations herein, are set up to establish the operational rules for Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection golf courses portfolio, located in Vilamoura, in the municipality of Loulé, namely “Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course”, “Dom Pedro Old Course Golf Club” “Dom Pedro Millennium Golf Course” “Dom Pedro Pinhal Golf Course” and “Dom Pedro Laguna Golf Course”.


Golf Course and Clubhouse

  1. The operating hours of the golf courses vary throughout the year, depending on the characteristics of each golf course and also the season of the year. The opening and closing hours are on display, at each golf course’s clubhouse.
  2. All players are requested to “check-in” at reception desk, located in the respective golf course clubhouse facility, prior to the game.
  3. In order to play Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection – Vilamoura, it is required to present a valid Handicap Certificate. Maximum allowed, 28 for Men and 36 for Ladies. Players with higher handicaps or beginners can only play with the authorization of the golf course Manager.
  4.  Practicing must only take place on the golf course, practice range and/or putting green facilities.
  5. Chipping must only take place at the Chipping area available.
  6. Only Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos S.A. owned buggies are allowed on the golf courses.
  7. The instructions for buggies and electric trolleys usage must be observed at all times.
  8. Club bags and trolleys must be kept away from greens.
  9. Buggies must be kept on buggy paths, or in the “roughs” when there are no paths available.
  10. Only two players and two club bags are allowed per buggy.
  11. The golf course Manager may interdict the use of buggies onto the golf course, whenever he/she considers necessary, in order to protect the playing conditions of the courses.
  12. Every player must have his or her own bag of clubs.
  13. Children under 12 years of age are only allowed on the golf courses, providing a “Term of Responsibility” has been read, agreed and signed by an overseeing adult, with legal competence for that purpose.
  14. Pets are not allowed on the practice range, golf course and/or Clubhouse facilities.
  15. Only food and beverage purchased on site can be consumed on the golf course, driving range facilities and Clubhouses.
  16. Only personal equipment or equipment rented from Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. are permitted on the golf course and driving range facilities.
  17. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. can not be held responsible for the guard or loss of equipment, goods or values, on their facilities, including the golf courses, Clubhouses, changing/locker rooms, caddy-master warehouses and car parks.
  18. Access to or permanence on the premises of golf courses, driving ranges and Clubhouses may be denied to those persons whose behavior disturbs its normal activity or the activity of its users, namely:
  1. those who do not show any intention of using services nor consuming goods in the facilities;
  2. those who refuse, without lawful cause, to pay for the services used or consumed goods;
  3. those who do not present nor conduct themselves in an appropriate manner;
  4. those who cause disturbances or scenes of violence;
  5. those who cause damage;
  6. those who disturb other users;
  7. those who are accompanied by animals or carrying firearms, sharp instruments, toxic chemicals, explosives, unhealthy and decaying products.
  8. those who present themselves intoxicated with alcohol or are under the influence of drugs.
  1. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. offers civil liability and personal injury insurance, with legal coverage, for protection of its guests/players. Damage or loss caused by guests/players on other guests/players or any other third party or their belongings are not included in our insurance coverage.
  2. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. can not be held liable for physical damage caused to non-golfers visiting the courses;
  3. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. may decide to close the golf courses for maintenance, whenever considered necessary.


Golf Rules And Etiquette

  1. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. enforces a strict dress Code and Etiquette - sports shorts, beach ware, blue denim trousers or cargo shorts and t-shirts are not allowed on the premises (if you are not properly dressed you will not be allowed on the course).
  2. Dress code must include trousers or tailored shorts, polo shirt, golf shoes and socks.
  3. The use of shoes with soft spikes is compulsory.
  4. When a player is preparing to strike the ball, his/her partner(s) should remain in silence.
  5. A player should not play until the players in front are out of range.
  6. Players must leave the green as soon as they finish playing the hole.
  7. Players searching for a lost ball should give way to the next group, if the ball is not found promptly.
  8. All players must play without unjustifiable delay and, whenever they have a free hole ahead, they must allow the group behind to play through.
  9. During busy periods, the players should mark the ball on Par 3 greens and move aside, so that the next group can tee off.
  10. In the interest of all, the game should go on without delay. All players should:
  1. Have prepared the ball, tee and tee club in advance;
  2. Not leave trolleys too far from the green or in the wrong direction for the following tee;
  3. Not mark the scorecard on the green;
  4. Not make more strokes than necessary when playing Stableford.
  1.  Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by them and any nearby made by others, repair pitch marks on greens and divot holes on the fairways.
  2. Players must avoid damaging tees, fairways or any other golf course area, when testing their clubs.
  3. Priorities on the golf course:
  • 3 and 2 ball over 4 ball;
  • 2 ball over 3 ball;
  • 1 ball has no priority;
  1. Players must be at the starting tee, at least 5 minutes before teeing off.
  2. Any player that has not booked in advance is subject to starting time availability.
  3. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. starting times consist of four ball. Players will always be paired to form groups of 4. In case player (s) refuse (s) to be paired in order to complete the formation, or vice-versa, access to play the course will be denied and refunds will not be issued. We can only guarantee closed groups - when the number is not multiple of 4 - providing request is made in advance and subject to payment of the greens fees that are needed in order to complete the four ball formation.
  4. Players must always follow the starter and marshall’s indications;
  5. Pace of play – a game of 18 holes must not exceed 04h40m of duration;
  6. In the event of golf course closure due to adverse weather conditions, green fees are not refundable. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. may, on an exceptional basis, grant players that have seen their game interrupted/suspended as a result, a personal and non-transferable rain voucher, valid for 1 year. In order to be awarded "rain vouchers" players are requested to address reception desk immediately after the game has been interrupted/suspended. Please note that “rain vouchers” issued in low and mid season may not be used in high season.
  • Players with 18-hole green fees who are unable to complete their game, having played less than 9 holes, will be awarded a 18-hole "rain voucher";
  • Players with 18-hole green fees who are unable to complete their game, having played more than 9 and less than 18 holes, will be awarded a 9-hole “rain voucher”.
  • Players with green fees "all you can play" or "9 holes" that do not complete the 9-hole course, will be issued a 9-hole "rain voucher".


Tournaments Rules and Regulations

  1. All competitions held at Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection golf courses portfolio – Vilamoura, are played in accordance with “The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews" Rules and Local Rules.
  2. The use of buggies in competitions will only be permitted if so decided by the Tournament Committee, or upon presentation of a medical certificate;
  3. The decisions of the Committee of each tournament are irreversible.
  4. Golf Course marks:


  • White – Professional
  • Yellow – Men
  • Blue – Junior and Ladies
  • Red – Ladies
  • Gold - Senior players (only available at Victoria);



Golf Course:

  • White stakes – Out of bounds
  • Yellow stakes – Frontal water hazard
  • Red stakes – Lateral water hazard
  • Blue stakes or white line – Ground under repair


Driving Range

  1. Players must comply with the instructions and information provided by starters, caddies and marshalls.
  2. Ball striking is only allowed within the areas limited by the bays.
  3. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. reserves the right to close the driving range if considered necessary.
  4. Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A. will not be held responsible for accidents in the driving range.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to take away practicing range balls.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to use practicing range balls on the golf course.
  7. It is not permitted to teach golf lessons on the driving range without the authorization of the Golf Course Manager.


 Golf Lessons

  1. Lessons are available to both male and female gender, from beginners level with or without previous experience, to improvement lessons to all levels of play.
  2. Lessons are available from January through to December, including national bank holidays, with the exception of 25th December and 1st of January, winter season from 07h00 until 17h00, summer season from 07h00 until 19h00 and spring and autumn seasons between 07h00 and 18h00.  
  3. Lessons attendance must be preceded by the acquisition of tuition titles, which terms and prices are available to all interested, at golf receptions.
  4. The use of the golf course and driving range facilities for learning purposes or for improvement of the level of play, are only allowed to those who have purchased lessons and are accompanied by an authorized golf professional from Dom Pedro – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A.
  5. Golfers and accompanying guests must respect the guidelines given by the golf professional, and generally conduct themselves with respect for the values of silence, natural environment and be courteous to all.
  6. Adults accompanying children on the premises are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all norms present in the “rules and regulations” hereinPets are not allowed anywhere in the golf premises nor driving range.
  7. No-shows or cancellations of lessons with a warning of less than 48 hours in advance, are not refundable.

Security Instructions

Safety Instructions (Self Protection Measures) are contained in an autonomous document and are available and on display at the respective facility.


Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan is contained in an autonomous document and is available and on display at the respective facility.